A WWII Lifeboat Compass Binnacle

Product Code: 19899
Shipping Weight: 20.00 lbs

Product Description

A WWII era lifeboat binnacle. This authentic maritime instrument features an all-copper housing with a side-light for burner mounted on to the port side and an electric light attached on the opposite side. The top lid is easily removed by a pair of slide-out rods, located on each side. The front glass viewing port survives without cracks or losses and above is a bail handle for transporting. The liquid-filled compass without a makers name printed on the compass card. is in good working order and is mounted on to a gimbal ring that is engraved L-4789. The lighting box has a hinged door that opens to house a kerosene-style burner and reflecting mirror (missing). The starboard side of the binnacle has a brass bezeled cap that is designed for electric light use and retains the remnants of an old light bulb inside. This lifeboat binnacle has a rare feature of compass compensating tubes attached to the front and sides of the binnacle housing. Each has a screw type cap and holds a cluster of wire for adjusting the latitude and longitude, similar to larger ship's binnacles! Measures 8 1/2 X 8 1/2 X 14 inches tall to the top of the side chimney-making it slightly larger than the bulk of the lifeboat binnacles produced during WWII. Weighs 16 pounds