A WWII US Navy Boat Compass Binnacle

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Product Description

A WWII era lifeboat binnacle. This authentic US Naval instrument features an all-copper housing with brass band and swing handle with a side-light mounted onto the right side. The lighting box has a hinged door that opens to a fluid-style burner. The front side has a brass bezeled cap that is designed for electric light use. The binnacle houses an gimbaled liquid-filled compass manufactured by the Lionel Company and is engraved around the outer brass rim "THE LIONEL CORPORATION, N.Y., U.S. NAVY, BU SHIPS, 4-INCH BOAT COMPASS, MARK 1, N, 18330, 1942." This navigaional instrument surviives in good working condition with expected dents and wear. The front manufacturers label is missing and there is a small crack in the glass at the bottom left corner. Mounting bracket on the back top edge. Old laquer finish to repel tarnishing. Measures 7 X 7 1/2 X p inches tall exclusive of the swing handle and the light box.