Antique mahogany hydro-designed lakeboat

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1930's British built by V. G. Waring & Sons, Hydro Workshops, Windermere, 2580. V. G. Waring was a small father and son boat building operation that produced boats for the more affluent British market. They were in production from 1912 to 1957. Approximately 13 feet, 6 inches, outboard transom design. Mahogany, teak and other hard woods. Good original condition with minor alterations. Front windows are plexiglass replacements. Throttle is a more contemporary addition. Two of the wooden seats, though similar in design were probably added later to the boat. Trailer came with the boat and may be the original.

This boat was stated to have been purchased from the estate of Sir Malcolm Campbell, the famous British auto and boat racer.