Authentic Brass Steering Station By Dake Engine Company

Product Code: SUGR01
Shipping Weight: 180.00 lbs

Product Description


Circa 1930 ship's steering station made by "DAKE ENGINE COMPANY of GRAND HAVEN MICHIGAN," as deeply embossed on the top cover. It is made completely of heavy brass including the wheel that measures 42 inches in diameter. It has 6 spokes, with the "king spoke" identified with multiple reeded bands in the handle. The wheel turns smoothly, rotating the brass arrow-style rudder indicator with degrees etched into the top from 0 degrees to 35 degrees, both left and right on the top in the direction of the turn, and embossed "LEFT" and "RIGHT" on each end. The serial number 83164 is etched into the center just below the degrees and the center nut that holds on the rudder indicator. Also, the letters "PO" are punched into the top at the wheel side of the pedestal top. The wheel is embossed SCA91 on one of the flat spokes. The entire station stands 51 inches tall to the top of the wheel. The pedestal itself measures 35 inches tall with a base diameter of 11 1/2 inches. Excellent original condition and retaining a beautiful old nutmeg brown patina. Weighs 160 pounds.