Ships Wheel- Authentic WWII Liberty Ship Helm's Wheel -- 42" diam.

Product Code: 20012
Shipping Weight: 44.00 lbs

Product Description


Outstanding, authentic WWII US Navy Liberty Ship 8-spoke helms wheel. Enscribed on the back of the brass hub, "BENJ. HUNTINGTON" (0107 SS Benjamin Huntington).  Features a double band of inlaid wood, solid brass hub and king-spoke handle. Measures 42 inches in diameter from tip to tip and weighs a hefty 40 pounds. Retains a pleasing, original varnished finish and aged mahogany patina.

The last two pictures below were taken aboard US Navy liberty ships. The first is from the steering station of the USS John Brown. The second a WWII era image of a sailor at the helm.

SS BENJAMIN HUNTINGTON. 9-42, 242255, KEZD (1736-1800) Hull number 0107, launched 11 September 1942, named after Connecticut Congressman, Benjamin Huntington. Operated by Lykes. Scrapped in 1971.