Boat Stern Light Manufactured by C. M. Jacobsen, Detroit Michigan

Product Code: 14207
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs

Product Description


Hard to find early 20th century galvanized metal stern light manufactured by C.M. JACOBSEN & CO. BOAT SUPPLIES, DETROIT MICH., U.S.A. as indicated on the oval brass manufacturers label located on the front of the lantern. This wonderful old light survives retaining it's original clear glass 180 degree lens and an old black-painted surface. Original snap-in tin and brass burner with glass globe and an 1885 patent date on the adjustment handle. Measures 5 inches wide across the back and stands 11 inches tall exclusive of the ring handle. A highly sought after and still functioning old boat light from the Great Lakes region.

Motorboat Magazine published an article about the Detroit Motorboat Show that was held in March of 1908. The magazine article stated: "C.M. Jacobsen of Detroit had a large display of boat furnishings- lamps, bells, cannons, whistles, horns, compasses, clocks and the like. The exhibit included the Davis Light tender, 8 X 4 foot boat built by the Detroit Launch and Power Co. This exhibit also included Ferro motors, seven in number ranging from 1 1/2 to 25 hp. The space was made attractive by pennants and flags which manufactured by Mr. Jacobsen. The steering wheel and the cushions in the Detroit Launch & Power Co.'s boat were manufactured by C.M. Jacobsen."

We found a number of advertisements in 1908 from the C.M. Jacobsen & Co. including American Sportsmen, The Rudder, and Power Boating Magazines.