Boxed Lionel Corporation Compass, 1942

Product Code: 20004
Shipping Weight: 44.00 lbs

Product Description

A restored WWII era binnacle dry card compass manufactured by the Lionel Corporation, New York, as engraved on the compasses brass outer ring "712 & L (circled),  12759, 1942, THE LOINEL CORPORATION, N.Y.". The ginmbal ring with matching inventory number. This binnacle compass is now housed in a wood marine plywood box with top that closes tight with two brass slide locks. The upper brass ring and gimbal ring have been stripped of their original painted surface, polished and laquered. the compass bowl retains the original painted surface. The compass itself is in good working order. Compass box measures 13 1/2 X 13 1/2 X 8 3/4 inches tall and has the original binnacle brass mounting brackets. Weighs a hefty 39 pounds!