Brass Skylight Yacht Binnacle Table Lamp- Nautical Lighting

Product Code: 18036
Shipping Weight: 21.00 lbs

Product Description

A beautiful skylight yacht binnacle that was re-purposed long ago into a nautical table lamp. We have removed all of the old lamp cords and fixtures, replaced them with new. Features six panes of glass separated by brass dividers, brass housing and cap. The gimbaled dry card compass simply states "NAUTICAL COMPASS" but there is not a manufacturers name on the compass face. The binnacle is mounted on to a 12 inch diameter mahogany wood base with molded edge. Weighs a heafty 18 pounds! Measures 26 1/2 inches to the top of the lampshade (as shown). This binnacle style and construction is similar to those made by Perko.

The lamp lighting choices toggle between the interior binnacle light that lights up the compass via the upper light switch. You can use either the upper room light, the interior binnacle light or both on or off as desired. Use a dimmer to adjust the intensity of the lighting.
 Lamp shades and decorative nautical lamp finials are sold separately