Early 20th Century Galvanized Metal and Brass Marine Navigational Light

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An American made marine navigation light. Maker's label is missing (was on the back of the light, above the mounting bracket) but we are pretty sure that it was manufactured by Wilcox Crittenden, Co. The lantern is constructed of galvanized metal with hinged brass door and frame in front. Features a traditional clear glass Fresnel lens that survives free of cracks or chips. The smoke chimney features pine-tree style vents- has a small crack just below the bail handle. The lantern retains its original burner (functional) and an optional electric lightbulb stem for wiring.

Height: 9 1/2 inches tall, exclusive of the bail handle. Retains a weathered, encrusted metal patina. We left the short line with brass snap hook, tied to the top bail handle that came with the lantern for hanging.