Impressive Copper and Brass Ship's Globe Onion Lantern

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Impressive, large mid 20th century copper and brass ships globe onion lantern, engraved R95495 and repeated etched into the glass globe. This fine example features riveted body production and the clear glass globe is protected by 4 sturdy brass vertical supports with one central horizontal support. The supports are riveted to the top and bottom of the globe lamp.The top retains its heavy brass bail handle on top and a bottom handle for securing to lantern from swinging. This handsome lantern stands 16 inches tall exclusive of the bail handles, 19 1/2 inches including the upper bail handle and is 13 inches wide overall including the brass guards.

The original lantern burner was removed and we've replaced the old light fixture with new and will rewire the fixture once we know how you want to hang it. This authentic ship's light is the perfect hanging lantern for use in your coastal home foyer, over a table or work station- just about any place that you would enjoy this great old seafaring light, both indoors and out!

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The final picture is of a replica example of an onion lantern hung in the foyer of a Nantucket cottage. Photo from "House Tours: Cottage by the Sea" by Better Homes & Garden.

Copper and Brass Ships Globe Onion Lantern, side view

Copper and Brass Ships Globe Onion Lantern, top view

Copper and Brass Ships Globe Onion Lantern, rivets

Similar onion lantern in Nantucket cottage via Better Homes & Garden