Ka-bar Seaman's Thumb Scrimshaw

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Ka-Bar Seaman's thumb knife with ship and whale scrimshaw scenes..

HISTORY:  This is the Seaman's Thumb, made in the 1980's in Seki, Japan by Tak Fukuta for Ka-Bar. It features the original Olean, NY tang stamp with stainless steel blade and cream synthetic handle . Measures 3.25" lock closed with 2" long blade. Tak Fukuta was the first Japanese member of the American Knife Maker's Guild, and apprentice to Bob Loveless. He hand crafted fine quality knives that impressed his mentor. Over the years, his factory in Seki, Japan also produced knives for Parker, Valor, Gutmann, Explorer, Frost, Ka-Bar, and Browning among others. After his passing, several vintage old stock models were found at his warehouse. This knife is one of these finds.

Condition: Unused vintage stock, original factory edge. Made in Japan.