Large Copper Anchor Lantern Nautical Table Lamp

Product Code: 19041
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs

Product Description


This high quailty nautical table lamp is made using a vintage Dutch-made (Ankerlicht) anchor lantern constructed of solid copper with a distressed bronze finish.  The glass that protects the burner and font is a Fresnel lens similar to the type used in lighthouses worldwide. Fresnel lens amplifies the light from the bulb so that the light appears much brighter than its actual source. The lamp lighting choices toggle between the interior light and the lamp light via the upper light switch. You can use either the upper room light, the interior lantern light or both as desired. The interior bulb is reached through the hinged lid of the fixture.

This high-quality ship's anchor lantern is a vintage light, (delicately used) and is the type found aboard old seafaring ships, hand-made to commercial marine vessel standards. Mounted on to a turned wood base that measures 9 inches in diameter. The lamp stands 31 1/2 inches tall to the top of the lamp shade (as shown).  Weighs 14 pounds 10 ounces.

The price for the lamps does not include the lamp shade. Choose from our selection or fit-it with ones of your own taste.