Large Galvanized metal METEORITE 'NOT UNDER COMMAND' Ship's Light

Product Code: 18056
Shipping Weight: 25.00 lbs

Product Description

Large, early 20th century British made METEORITE-'NOT UNDER COMMAND' galvanized metal ship's light. Brass Meteorite tag number 41194. Completely original including removable interior burner and red lens. Heavy glass white light Fresnel lens. Upper and lower steel swing handles and lens guards. Hinged top chimney cap and hinged lantern at waist with lock clasp and keep, to reach the lantern interior,  Brass double wick burner with wick adjustments handles marked "BEST BRITISH MAKE." Stands 21 inches tall exclusive of the swing handles and approximately 12 inches wide including lens guards. Retains a pleasing old soft metal patina (color of old pewter) and spots of old navy gray paint in various areas. Weighs an impressive 22 pounds! 
CONDITION- The light survives in good order with a few minor flaws from actual ship use. One of the lens guards on the back side is dented in. A few small glass lens rim chips. Some light rust spots from age.