Late 19th Century Brass Birdcage Anchor Lantern

Product Code: 18180
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs

Product Description

An all brass marine "bird-cage" anchor lantern, possibly made by Manhattan Brass Company of New York, fourth quarter 19th century. A wonderful old late 19th century birdcage style anchor light with glass Fresnel lens. This lens survives with some rim chips from sea use but without cracks. The lantern itself is in great structural shape and retains a beautiful old soft brass patina.  Measures 12 inches tall to the top of ring. 4 1/2 inch diameter.

Retains the original twist-style burner that fits tight into the bottom of the lantern. The wick adjustment handle is embossed with letters stating "M.B. Co., N.Y." which is the Manhattan Brass Company of New York. The company was in business from 1865 to 1926 and held several patents. Manhattan Brass made different kinds of lamps, including flat wick burners and lamps for bicycles, but it is best known for its student lamps. Manhattan Brass also made lamps for other companies, including Tiffany.

*This style cage light was used starting in the mid 19th century for use on sailing vessels. The cage wires over the top of the lantern chimney were designed to keep sail canvas and lines away the hot chimney and starting a fire, a common occurrence on sailing ships of that era.