Matching Pair of Sherwood Port & Starboard Navigational Lights

Product Code: 20008
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs

Product Description


A fine quailty matching pair of first quarter 20th century port and starboard navigational lights as embossed on the brass banners mounted on to the front of the fixtures. Made by SHERWOOD BHAM. (Birmingham, England) these small (8 1/2 inches tall exclusive of bail handle) galvanized metal lights are well constructed using copper rivets and copper hinges on the back door and brass finger slide lock and interior lens gate. These lights are designed with removable color interior lens, red (port) and green (starboard) so you have the diversabilty of both port and starboard or white lights. They also retain the original slide-out lights with copper fonts, concaved back reflectors and still have useable, adjustable wicks. Also retains the top bail handles and mounting brackets on the back of each light.

The lanterns survive in good condition with just a few minor condition issues. The port light has two small rim chips on the exterior side of the glass Fresnel lens. The green glass filter is missing a portion of a corner, but is not visible from front view. A couple of small dents in the lantern body from years of marine use. These beautiful fixtures retain a pleasing oxidized pewter patina!  

Price is for the pair. These marine light fixtures can also be electrified or made into table lamps!