Military-Grade Soviet KM-100-3 Series Naval Lifeboat Binnacle Compass, 1987

Product Code: LL085
Shipping Weight: 19.00 lbs

Product Description


Vintage Soviet-era KM-100-3 series naval lifeboat binnacle compass in full functional condition. Made of special heavy-weight rust-proof alloy and painted in military grey, this ruggedly constructed binnacle comes with a 6 inch gimbaled liquid-damped compass with 360 degree compass card and sighting ring. The binnacle is fitted with two oil lamps with removable ventilation caps. The top and bottom sections of the compass housing opens using a pair of finger clamps with a rear bracket for mounting in a deep-sea lifeboat. The compass is easily carried by its original plastic handle mounted on top. The housing measures 10 inches by 12 inches. Dated 1987.

This is a very hard to come by binnacle compass and Soviet military collectible.