Scrimshawed Sperm Whale Marlinspike Knife- Tony Perry

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A bone-handled marlinspike pocket knife with scrimshaw artwork by Virginia artist Tony Perry depicting a sperm whale on one side and knot work on the opposite. Signed by the artist "Tony P." Straight-edge knife and locking marlinspike tools. Length closed: 4 1/2", length with marlinspike open: 7 3/8". Contemporary bone handles exhibit grain similar to antique ivory. This knife also comes with a monkey's fist lanyard. The touch of pink on the whale side is part of the bone. There is a crack on the opposite side of the bone handle where a brass structural pin passes through the bone, but does not effect the handle.

Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Marlinspike Knife

Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Marlinspike Knife