Nautical Table Lamp- Vintage Brass Bullseye Lens Bow Light

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Product Description

Vintage, solid brass bow boat lantern that we re-purposed into a nautical table lamp. fitted with projecting bullseye red and blue portand starboard glass and a bulbous clear bow lense. Features a three-way switch that toggles between the upper table lamp light and the lower interior lantern light.You can select either or both lights together depending on your lighting needs and desirability. Hinged door in back opens to access the lantern interior. Stands 19 inches tall to top of the shade (as shown).

CONDITION: The bow clear (white) light is cracked but intact and functional. a few cracks are on the front of the lanterns chimney cap and some dents in the lantern shoukder. The red port light has some surface scratches. Lacquered finish.

Lamp shades are sold separately. See our current selection in our related items below. Shown here with an 12 inch off white linen lamp shade.