Ship's Bell From the S.S. Hermod, 1903

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Brass ship's bell from the "Tramp" Steamer "S.S.HERMOD" and dated 1903 as inscribed on the front of the outer wall of the bell. This authentic ship's bell is composed of brass measuring 8 1/2 inches high and 11 3/4 inches mouth opening. It is complete with clapper and original brass mounting bolt.

They were built in vast numbers at the beginning of the 1900's, and typically went from port-to-port randomly looking for cargo to deliver.

The "SS HERMOD" 1903 was launched on the 12th of March, 1903, a Steel hull, 3084 tons, built for Bruusgaard Kistrus & Co.

The picture at bottom is from a ship portrait of the Tramp Steamer "S.S. HERMOD."

Ship's Bell from the SS Hermod

Brass ship's bell from the Tramp Steamer S.S.HERMOD

Ship portrait of the Tramp Steamer S.S.HERMOD 1903