J.H. Peters & Bey Anchor Light

Product Code: 4627
Shipping Weight: 14.00 lbs

Product Description


A WWII era anchor light made by the German company J.H. Peters & Bey; Hamburg. The brass plate on the front of the anchor light reads "J.H. PETERS & BEY HAMBURG 11." Attached below is a second brass plate with the number "31740." The lamp body is made of glavanized metal and painted black and the chimney cap is produced of copper. The clear dioptic lens measures six inches wide and 21 1/2 inches in diameter and has survived without chips or discoloration. The fresnel lens is hand-scribed with various dates including production and later inspections. This authentic WWII era anchor light measures 21 inches tall exclusive of the iron swing handle and 9 inches across the bottom.

The Peters & Bey anchor light is shown with a pair of our custom made large marlinspike lamps with white cloth shades (also available with NOAA chart lampshades) and an original painting by David M. Weiss titled "Early Light;" Oil on canvas measuring 27 1/2 X 33 1/2 inches framed.