Aluminum "90 degree" bulkhead light, medium (new)


  • Medium 90 Degree Passageway Light Side View
  • Medium 90 Degree Passageway Light Receptacle
  • Small and Medium 90 Degree Passageway Lights
Product Code: DC125MD
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs


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Product Description


Our newly made, high quality cast aluminum 90 degree bulkhead (passageway) lights are designed after vintage ship lights. Features an aluminum screw-bezel style cage and clear glass cover. We recommend a fluorescent or LED type bulb for long life and minimal heat build-up inside the fixture. This is an aluminum version of our cast brass bulkhead light -- it weighs less than the brass and is perfect for installations where weight is a concern. Measures 4.5" wide, 11.5" long and projects about 7.5".

DESIGNER INSIGHT: We personally like these fixtures to be used in bathrooms, hallways and closets. They are a better match in an interior setting to associate with brushed steel fixtures than a brass example. Always a great light in a nautical design but also in contemporary or warehouse conversions! Take note: Aluminum is not an appropriate metal for "salty" environments such as outdoors on a saltwater coast. In that situation, brass is the best, long-lasting choice.