Chelsea 8.5" Ship's Bell Clock, US Navy, c. 1948


  • Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock, U. S. Navy, Circa 1948.
  • Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock, U. S. Navy, Circa 1948.
Product Code: JIMD16
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs

Product Description


In 1948, Chelsea was commissioned to make this type ship's bell clock with a 12/24, 8.5 inch engraved dial. The production clock in an inset case included an amplifier to project the chime over a speaker system. (We also have an example of the production clock). This clock is the prototype of that clock and housed in a normal hinged bezel red brass ship's bell case. This clock, as the factory prototype is unique. The movement and case as prototypes are not marked with serial numbers. The dial has factory engraving, U. S. Navy. The case in mounted in a fine walnut ring for wall mounting. A rarity of the first order.

This exceptional all brass deck clock has just been professionally serviced and it is an excellent time keeper. Like all of our Chelsea clocks, comes with a one year guarantee! Complete with Chelsea winding key.