French Holosteric Barometer/Thermometer, 19th century


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French made barometer and thermometer manufactured in the second half of the 19th century This weather instrument is marked “HOLOSTERIC BAROMETER” and "COMPENSIERT" at the top of the silvered brass dial. It is calibrated in inches of mercury from 60 to 70 divided by 1/10th increments. Below the barometer function is the thermometer ” reading in celcius from -30 to 70 degress in single degree increments. The barometer dial is swept by a classic blued steel needle. The glass has a thick bevel retained and is seated within a brass bezel and the body of the barometer is made of nickel-plated brass. The barometer is impressed with the maker’s initials “O.B.” on thebottom of the barometer face and again in the center of the back. A small aperture in the back allows for adjusting the barometer reading. Measures 5 3/8 inches high by 2 1/4 inches thick overall. Survives in good working order.