Starr Contract Model 1826 Naval Cutlass


Product Code: REJO-02
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs

Product Description


Starr Contract Model 1826 Naval Cutlass is very recognizable with the flared and black japanned one-piece sheet metal iron counterguard and knuckleguard, wooden grip with 10 turned maple rings and iron ferrules on either end, and especially the distinctive hilt-to-blade angle.

The 24 1/4" single fullered curved blade has U.S. lightly stamped vertically on the blade with inspector marks "E' and "R" slightly visible stamped above.

This particular M1826 cutlass has some damage on top of the counterguard where the downturned quillon has been removed. There is also some missing chips of wood on the side of the maple grip where it meets with the iron ferrule. The blade has been shortened by 1 1/2 inches in length.

HISTORY: In 1826, Nathan Starr filled an order for 2,000 weapons at $4.25 per piece. This cutlass, 30 ¾ inches in length, possessed a curved blade with narrow fuller. With it came an iron scabbard, japanned black.