"The Duel at Hampton Roads" by Jim Campbell

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Original pen and ink drawing of the famous battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia on a vintage chart by California artist Jim Campbell. Double-matted and framed; 29.25" x 35.25".

One of the greatest naval engagements of the Civil War took place on March 9, 1862 in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The five hour battle ended in a draw. The clash between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia would change the course of the Civil War and also naval warfare forever. The two ironclads fought at point blank range. The Confederate Navy began or planned to build fifty ironclads, along the lines of the Virginia, of which twenty-two actually were commissioned. The Monitor served as a prototype for sixty more ironclads. However, their variety was great, from two to three turrets. After March 8-9, 1862, no major naval power in the world was safe. This was the end of the era of wooden hull fighting ships. The two strange looking vessels would never meet again.