Vintage Anchor Lantern Nautical Table Lamp

Product Code: 19204
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs

Product Description


Authentic early to mid 20th century vintage seafaring marine anchor lantern that survives with lots of nautical appeal. Originally a kerosene burning lantern, this old fixture had been long ago updated to electric  The lantern housing retains an old starboard green painted surface, hinged chimney top opens to interior light fixture. The thick, clear glass Fresnel lens survives in excellent condition- free of chips or cracks, with wire guards for protection.  Fresnel lens intensifies the distance of the light similar to a lighthouse lens.
The lamp lighting choices toggle between the interior light and the lamp light via the upper light switch. You can use either the upper room light, the interior lantern light or both as desired. The lantern measures 6 inches in diamter and stands 26 inches tall to the top of the lampshade (as pictured).

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