WWII Liberty Light Ship Hatch Cover Coffee Table

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Product Description

Thick pine, nautical designed coffee table produced using an authentic WWII US Navy Liberty Ship hatch cover. Steel bands wrapped on each end, secure the three boards together.  This table also features the use of a second hatch cover cut down to make the table base ends! Written in pencil on the bottom "WOODEN SHIP, LIBERTY MAINE" and signed "W LIEH" and "MP." Beautiful coffee table ready to be used in your den and nautical rooms. 

*According to the previous owners, the purchased this table in the 1970's in Victory, Maine.
Measures 26 inches wide X 59 1/2 inches long and 17 inches tall.

*The two half-cup holes with bars, a feature found on authentic hatch covers was designed so a crane could be attached to lift the hatch from it's cargo hold.