Early 20th Century Navigational Light- Hiram Piper Co. Montreal

Product Code: PR020
Shipping Weight: 8.50 lbs

Product Description

An early 20th century marine lantern manufactured by the "HIRAM PIPER CO. LIMITED MAKERS MONTREAL" as embossed on the makers tag.  Made of galvanized metal with copper and brass components, this high qualtiy marine navigational lantern features a 220 degrees thick glass Fresnel lens. The hinged back door opens to facilitate the removable lamp burner. The light fixture body was painted many years ago a copper color. Measures 17 inches tall including the brass ring handle. 7 1/2" wide 

CONDITION: The glass lens has a few rim chips, but is completely intact. Nice old copper patina. There is a 1/2 inch hole in the chimney top below the back cap- when the lantern was updated to electrification.

The Hiram L. Piper Co. Ltd. of Montreal began in 1902, and later on, primarily made railway lanterns for the Canadian National Railway, but manufactured marine lanterns as well.