Old Copper Seafaring Masthead Light

Product Code: 19068
Shipping Weight: 18.00 lbs

Product Description

Authentic, old seafaring early 20th century copper masthead lantern, retaining a wonderful old weathered copper patina! The original "Masthead" badge is mounted on to the lantern front and the letters "F.R.C" are engraved on the back door, probably the lantern manufacturer. clear Fresnel lens, flat back and hinged vented chimney top cap. Missing top swing handle and the interior light is missing. Hinged rear door opens to access the lantern interior. Multiple body dents and the side ring hoists are dented as well. Remarkably, the heavy glass 220 degree Fresnel lens survives without chips or cracks! Dimensions: 18" tall to the top of the chimney and 10 inches across the back.