Matching Pair of All-Brass Caged Lanterns

Product Code: 19116
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs

Product Description

Matching pair of early 20th century brass caged lanterns, as marked on the interior side of the chimneys. Each lantern with four rectangular sided glass panes and raised brass wire cage that protects the glass. 
Brass, 180 degree hood with a fixed turned wood handle. Lantern features a slide out removable kerosene oil fill tank with an adjustable wick. The name on the oil tanks reads "BRITISH MAKE" & "FULL INCH." Coil spring door latch still in working order. These lanterns survives in good condition, retaining an overall aged brass patina and is 100 percent complete. Stands 14 3/4 inches tall including handle and 6 inch sides and each wighs just shy of 6 pounds. Priced and sold as a pair.