Triplex Marine Anchor Galvanized Metal and Brass Lantern

Product Code: 20085
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs

Product Description

A galvanized metal and brass anchor lantern produced in the early 20th century by TRIPLEX, TRADE MARK, LENSE PATD. DEC. 20, 1010. OTHER PATS PEND  as embossed on the attached brass manufacturers label. The clear glass lense is also marked "PATENTED" and with the TRIPLEX trade mark. Features a thick glass 360 degrees Fresnel lens that survives in good order, free of chips or cracks. Classic style lantern retaining an old, seaworn pewter-gray body. Original electrified twist-type, all btrass removable font. The lantern is 9 1/2 inches tall including the top ring and 4 3/8 inches in diameter.  A high-quality authentic maritime lantern made by one of the most popular American marine hardware companies! Comes from a local Maine lobsterman's collection.