Vintage Copper Duck Weathervane on Wood Post Stand

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Product Description

Vintage Copper Duck Weathervane. This weathervane features a large, richly detailed stamped copper, hollow bodied duck sculpture in flight. The overall bronzed patina on the duck was created by years of flying above a barn cupola. We've clear waxed the surface to enhance the patina and mounted it onto a section of a 19th century barn post. Measures 26 1/2 inches wide (wingspan) 24 1/2 inches in length (beak to tail) and 24 inches tall including he wood post base. Bease measures 7 inches X 7 inches X 10 inches tall. Painted threaded metal rod is mounted to the post and through the original weathervane mounting hole. Makes an attractive tabletop centerpiece! Sorry, the mounted duck weathervane does not include directionals. 

We purchased the actual cupola here in Maine to use on our barn- Skipjack's new Round Pond showroom.  The previous owner suggested that the cupola and weathervane was removed by their son from a barn somewhere in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area.