What Is It & What It's Worth? Professional Evaluation of Your Maritime Items

What Is It & What It's Worth? Professional Evaluation of Your Maritime Items
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What is it and What it's Worth?

Are you thinking about selling a maritime item or items and do not know what its worth today?

Have you inherited something that you're not sure what it is or what to do with it?

Time to clean out the garage/attic/basement and don't want to give things away that might be valuable?

Seen a SOLD item on our web store that is similar to an item that you own and want to know what it sold for?

Then this is for you! Skipjack's professional evaluation is a quick and easy way to get a feel for what you have and what it's worth in today's market. The values assessed are what we believe the item is worth if offered for sale in today's marketplace or comparable to an item that we has recently sold here at Skipjack. Please understand, that values are not written in stone and like all personal property may vary from one region to another. This is a professional "opinion" and should be used accordingly. We cannot be held liable for any losses that may occur from our evaluation.

Sorry, marine art is NOT included in this evaluation offer!

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Fill out the above information (length, width, height) as well as all known details and factual (not hearsay) history that you know about it. Please describe the current condition and any known restorations to the item. Please include the name of the manufacturer or maker if known. The more you can tell us about your item, the more precise the evaluation!
  • 2. Click "Add to Basket" and complete the checkout process.
  • 3. Email images of different views or angles of your item to us at SkipjackNauticalWares@gmail.com. Reference your order number in the subject line. Provide quality jpeg images of all sides of the item in question as well as closeup shots of things like manufacturer labels (if available) and any damage or extensive wear to the item.
  • Expect your evaluation 7- 14 business days (of receipt of your paid order and images), you will receive a short written evaluation including estimated age, market value, and suggestions for the best outlet if you are contemplating selling. Evaluations are researched and written when time allows!

    If you stump us (we cannot provide any information), we will refund your money!

    We are a small business with years and years of experience, but a very small staff. We are simply not able to respond to requests for free information or appraisals.

    Would you like to sell your item to us?

    Sorry, we will not consider purchasing any items that we have evaluated for you, nor should you ever expect any professional appraiser that has evaluated your personal property. It is against all appraisal ethics to do so.

    Also, Skipjack Nautical Wares will not make "offers" for the purpose of obtaining items for sale. We expect any seller interested in offering a nautical item or items to have a firm price available. We will not haggle with sellers over their merchandise for sale just as we do not when selling.

    Skipjack Nautical Wares will consider a consignment option for items that we have evaluated if we find it suitable for our gallery.