1930's Wheeler Ship Yard Motor Yacht Helm's Wheel, Brooklyn NY -- 25" diam.

Product Code: 17161
Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs

Product Description


An exceptional teak and brass yachts wheel from a Wheeler motor yacht, circa 1930-1935. Feature a heavy brass outer ring on both sides of the wheel, the front with original chrome -plated surface, engraved in large letters: “WHEELER SHIP YARD” and “BROOKLYN, NY.” The back ring is identical to the front, but is without chrome-plating. Solid bronze hub with 1 inch arbor. Measures 25 inches from tip to tip. Retains a fine clear marine varnish finish on the teak wood and aged chrome-finished front ring and bronzed patina on the back ring and hub. Weighs 13 pounds.


Ernest Heingway's yacht "Pilar," considered to be the most famous fishing boat of all times, was a Wheeler. For 50 years, the Wheeler Family, father and five sons, built yachts of the highest quality. From 1910 through two world wars and well into peacetime, Wheeler built over 3,200 pleasure boats and more than 800 military craft which earned them 8 Navy ‘E’ awards for service to the United States. The Wheeler’s built their boats with only the finest materials available at the time. They were hand-crafted and built to last. It was this reputation for quality that drew Hemingway to Wheeler in 1934.

This wheel is identical to the helm's wheel on "Pilar." For more information about Wheeler Yachts, visit their website at http://wheeleryachts.com