Fin: Skipjack's Shop Puppy

Fin reported for his first day of work on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. As our new shop puppy, he will be going through on-the-job training for some time as he learns everything there is to know about being Skipjack's official meeter/greeter and Pet Products Department Head.

He was adopted from Blue Buckaroo Aussies in Lewisburg, Tennessee, a 13-hour drive from the Skipjack showroom in Portsmouth, Virginia! Based on the sizes of his biological mother, Rosie, and father, Bugsy, Fin is expected to grow to about 35-40 pounds when he is full grown.

Fin is Skipjack's newest employee and will be working to fill the large paw prints left by our original shop dog, Jack, who died in October 2016.

Since Fin is still a baby, so he needs a lot of rest. He is generally having quiet nap time from 11 to 2pm each day and is unavailable to meet and greet.

Fin in the News

Oh how he grows!

On the Job

Fin's Homecoming

Fin's Beginnings

Jack, We Miss You So Much

Jack was an important member of the staff at Skipjack Nautical Wares. Jack was our first shop dog and he was in charge of meeting, greeting and customer relations, as well as heading up our Nautical Pet Department.

We met Jack in 2007...he was dodging traffic here in Olde Towne Portsmouth. It was obvious from his condition he had been living on the streets for some time. Although he was wearing a collar, he had no tags and wasn't chipped. "Found" posters and internet listings did not uncover his previous family. After 10 days at the Portsmouth Humane Society looking for his prior owners, Jack came home to us. Weeks of visits to the vet cured the heartworm, kennel cough, parasites and all.

Jack worked at Skipjack for years, driving or walking with us to work. His laid back temperament made him a great ambassador for the store. Jack was often at his post near the front door waiting to greet customers as they arrived (when he wasn't napping behind the counter). He was a joy to have around and has left a gaping hole in our lives since his death from cancer in October 2016. Our new puppy Fin is a testament to our love for Jack! Rest in peace sweet boy.