Anchor Lantern Sculpture by Kevin Collins- Natuical Marine Art Lighting

Product Code: KECO39-12248
Shipping Weight: 6.00 lbs

Product Description


Here is a marine sculpture that is both spectacular artwork and functional too! Virginia artist Kevin Collins has created a unique marine light using an antique Triplex anchor lantern that was rusted through on the upper frame where she laid in salt water for years in the hold of an old boat. Kevin has added his handcrafted porcelain oyster shells and barnacles to the lamp body...even a small octopus has made this lantern home! The finished sculpture replicates a ship's light lost to the sea generations ago! One of my all-time favorite items! Measures 12 inches tall and approx 8 inches at the widest dimension.

Can be used as a candle lantern or an electrical fixture can be added to the interior. We can also convert this lantern into a beautiful nautical table lamp- a wonderful addition to your coastal and beach home!