Antique Brass French Lemaire Fabt. Paris Binoculars

Product Code: ROBR03
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

Product Description

Antique French Lemaire Fabt. Paris Binoculars Field Glasses- A very clean pair of World War 1 era Marine/Field binoculars made of all brass and embossed "LEMAIRE FABT, PARIS" with Napoleonic bees on the black enameled eye pieces.The binocular body is all brass with gutta percha adjusting knob. Spun brass liding eye shades over main objective lens. Measures approx 8" extended and 5 inches wide at base. These binoculars survive in excellent condition, with bright clear image and easy adjustment. Polished and lacquered brass finish. A handsome binoculars for use and display!