Antique Dry Card Compass in Mahogany Box

Antique Dry Card Compass in Mahogany Box
Product Code: JOHNSH01
Shipping Weight: 6.50 lbs

Product Description


Marine dry card compass in box with lid, circa 1900. Features a bowl shaped brass compass housing with a printed paper dry card compass in gimbal ring. The finger-jointed mahogany box retains it's original removable lid that is affixed by a series of wood dowels and clamped down with a pair of brass finger latches. The compass housing retains an old lacquered finish and the box survives with a pleasing medium brown color and varnished finish. A few minor rim chips on the removable glass lid. Quite a handsome old compass in a finely made box. Box measures 8 ½ X 8 ½ X 5 inches tall.