Authentic Marconi Direction Finder Antenna

Authentic Marconi Direction Finder Antenna
Product Code: LL918
Shipping Weight: 50.00 lbs

Product Description


Direction finder antenna manufactured by Marconi, type 2469, made in England.

This all-brass loop antenna formed part of the medium frequency direction finder equipment fitted to ships for navigational purposes. The two loops of the antenna picked up radio transmissions from shore stations or navigational beacons, and allowed an operator to determine the direction from which they had come. Ships' crews could then use this information to help establish their own position. Some transmissions from ships and aircraft, both friendly and enemy, could also be detected. The loops of this antenna could be prominently seen on many warships during and after the Second World War.

This rare surviving maritime artifact would make a wonderful sculpture that could be displayed indoors or out. Measures 30" X 30" X 36" tall and weighs approximately 39 pounds.

 Marconi Direction Finder Antenna, side view

 Marconi Direction Finder Antenna, manufacturers info