Birdcage Anchor Lantern

Birdcage Anchor Lantern
Product Code: 16134
Shipping Weight: 4.00 lbs

Product Description


An early to mid 20th century brass"birdcage" anchor light with thick-glass Fresnel lens, retaining an old fire-engine red painted surface. Also retains the original Simplex twist-in style burner. Stands 14" tall to the top of ring and the base is 6" in diameter. Can easily be electrified for interior use!

Condition: A few chips on one side of the Fresnel lens and a single split in the upper edge of the base section. Quite striking nautical fixture!

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Birdcage Anchor Lantern, top view

Birdcage Anchor Lantern, burner

Birdcage Anchor Lantern, bottom view