Brass Boat or Yacht Bell -- 6" diam. (new)

Brass Boat or Yacht Bell -- 6" diam. (new)
Product Code: WP6000
Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs


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Hand-crafted in Northern Italy, these 6 inch cast brass bells are polished to a mirror finish and produce a rich and long lasting tone when struck. These brass bells have a high copper content which makes them stronger than most bells available on the market. They come with a cast brass bulkhead or wall mount bracket that allows them to be easily lifted to remove and store when not in use. Includes an 5" long off-white bell rope/lanyard with hand-tied monkey fist detailing. Small brass cleat for lanyard attachment to the bell clapper. One of the finest solid brass bells on the market today. Lifetime warranty included. Weight: 2 lbs.

We have carried hundreds of bells through the years; both old and new and this particular bell rates with the best. A great bell creates a high quality, long lasting tone when struck, similar to a fine musical instrument. The majority of the bells on the market today are produced in third world markets and sound more like a child's toy than a yachtsman's bell. Be choosey about what you adorn your boat or home.