Brass Bulkhead Mountable Cabin-Wardroom Lantern

Brass Bulkhead Mountable Cabin-Wardroom Lantern
Product Code: 09084
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs

Product Description

An early to mid 20th century brass bulkhead mountable cabin/wardroom lantern by an unknown maker, probably British. Characteristically, this lantern is similar in function to the British made cabin lights by Bulpritt & Sons, Birmingham or Davey of London. Standing 15 1/2" high, this nice example of ship's cabin lanterns is in fine condition. It retains both its' original oil burner as well as the external flame adjusting key and has an added feature of ventilation on all sides above the windows and also a hinged vent on top of the chimney. Features a three sided glass face, with a right side access door that opens with a slide latch for removal of the burner.

Very solid and heavy gauge brass retaining an old lacquered finish. Bulkhead mounting bracket on back, swing handle with wood grip. Nickel plated reticulated reflector for maximum lighting is mounted on to the back interior wall.  The makers name was originally mounted on the bottom of the back wall, but was sometime during it's history lost or removed. Lantern weighs 9 pounds.