Brass Door Porthole with Backplate -- 4-7/8" glass (new)

Product Code: HS-BP701WD
Shipping Weight: 3.50 lbs


Product Description


This handsome polished brass porthole with clear glass window is hinged and opens for passage or locks closed with two hinged dogs. The perfect porthole window for indoor and some outdoor applications! This port window comes with 6 machine screws for the spigot depth...if your depth is different you can use any fastening devices needed for your application. These portholes open and have a brass flange for the opposite side of the port! The outer brass flange does not have glass. Weighs 3 pounds.Outer flange diameter: 8 5/8 inches; Glass diameter: 4 7/8 inches; Flange depth(through door or wall) 1 5/8 inches.

*We receive frequent requests from customers seeking small portholes for door use as well as other custom applications. These portholes truly work well for this need and will adorn your coastal home and nautical rooms in the "finely fitted yacht" design. You can also mount these portholes to open up (like shown) down or side to side depending on your desire. We do get in from time to time early yacht portholes that can be used for this purpose, but each one has unique dimensions and rarely can we offer them in large quantities. We do stock a small number of these brass portholes for quick ship. Expect approx. 10 days for larger quantities, but that depends on current availability. Please give us a call at 757-399-5012 during showroom hours for quantity availability.

Brass Door Porthole With Adjustable Flange, opposite side view

Brass Door Porthole With Adjustable Flange, shown with porthole open

Brass Door Porthole With Adjustable Flange, side view

Brass Door Porthole With Adjustable Flange, decorative see through view