Classic Mahogany Motor Yacht Wheel -- 24" diam.

Classic Mahogany Motor Yacht Wheel -- 24" diam.
Product Code: 16135
Shipping Weight: 10.00 lbs

Product Description


An authentic early 20th century six-spoke mahogany wheel salvaged years ago from a motor yacht.This old wheel is constructed with thick, cast brass rings on both sides and chrome-plated brass rings and hub. The wheel sections between the handle are finished with double mitered lines. The center hub is also chrome-plate over brass with the center fitting a shaft with a 6/8 inch diameter with a keyway for locking the fit. Great old classic yacht wheel with lots of character.

CONDITION: The wheel retains an old varnish finish with wear on some of the handles. Also, the chrome-plating on the brass rings and hub are for the most worn off (front side with heavier wear and retaining more on the back). The wheel was recently cleaned and a waxed finish applied. Measures 23 3/4 inches from spoke end to spoke end and weighs 8 pounds 10 ounces.

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Classic Mahogany Motor Yacht Wheel, reverse side

close-up view of the Classic Mahogany Motor Yacht Wheel

Classic Mahogany Motor Yacht Wheel hub