Coast Guard Hauser/Hawser Cutter Maritime Life Saving Device

Coast Guard Hauser/Hawser Cutter Maritime  Life Saving Device
Product Code: EDGR187
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs

Product Description


A rare surviving United States Coast Guard life saving apparatus Hauser (Hawser) cutter, circa 1920. Cutter is in wonderful condition, with original two-color finish and all hardware and line. Knives and hardware including locking pin, are intact and in good working order. Hawser measures: 15 1/2" tall x 11 1/4" width (including arms).

The hawser cutter is a device used to cut the hawser line near the mast of the wrecked ship after passengers safely transported to safety by use of a breeches buoy.  The instrument is designed to be placed on the hawser, pulled freely out to the wreck of the ship, the hauling in whip would be pulled, closing the knives in the cutter and severing the hawser. The hawser, cutter and whips could then be pulled ashore.

Hawser does NOT include bundle of white rope pictured in image background.

From the Edward L. Greenwood Maritime Collection