Davey's of London Starboard Marine Yacht Lamp

Davey's of London Starboard Marine Yacht Lamp
Product Code: 18098
Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs

Product Description


An early 20th century yacht starboard lantern manufactured by Davey of London. This high-quality marine light is made of galvanized metal with brass window frame around the glass lens, lock and hinge. The embossed brass maker's badge attached to the top section states "DAVEY'S PATENT IMPROVED SAFETY YACHT LAMP, NO 16049" and with the letters "A, C & D, L" in the four corners. Also, scratched into the bottom of the lamp is "TX6-15-26" which we believe is the date of manufacture inspection. Interior with removable copper burner housing. The cobalt blue glass convex lens remains in good original condition without cracks or surface scratches. The top lamp chimney with hinged bell top and swing bail handle. Retains a fine old weathered pewter-gray patina. This marine light survives in good condition with expected wear from decades of maritime use. Stands 17 inches tall exclusive of the bail handle with 7 1/2 inch sides. You'll love this exceptional old nautical lamp!