Engine Room Telegraph Cigar Cutter

Engine Room Telegraph Cigar Cutter
Product Code: 12063
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

Product Description


Antique cast brass cigar cutter with ashtray produced in the style of a ship's engine room telegraph! The late 19th century telegraph cutter features a moveable handle bolted through the front facing that moves the cigar cutter blade reached through a hole in the telegraph head. The cigar is placed in the hole and the handle turned to cut the cigar with a revolving blade with-in the housing. The cut portion falls to the bottom of the threaded removable base that also acted as a repository for the tips. Both front and back of the cigar cutter telegraph is engraved with the commands "FULL, HALF, SLOW, FINISHED WITH ENGINES AND STAND BY, STOP", with side lights on each side. The front side of the telegraph with attached handle that turns to move the cutter blade. The back side with signal indicator that moves when the front handle is turned. Disc shaped ashtray measures 5 inches in diameter and stands 6 inches exclusive of cutter handle. A great item for the nautical collector and the cigar enthusiast!