H. Hughes & Son, Ltd. Three Circle Sextant in Mahogany Box

H. Hughes & Son, Ltd. Three Circle Sextant in Mahogany Box
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A fine early 20th century English sextant made by H. Hughes & Son, Ltd. London” as inscribed on the large arc.  This classic designed 3-circle sextant has an inlaid silver scale reading from -5 to 155 degrees.  The scale is marked in 10’s of degrees and each degree is subdivided to 10 arc minutes. The silver vernier scale at the bottom of the index arm reads from 0 to 10 arc minutes right to left, subdivided in 10 arc second increments. In use the index arm has a knurled thumb screw stop and a fine adjusting tangent stop.  A pivoting magnifier arm (missing magnifier) and a frosted glass light diffuser are mounted on the index arm for viewing the reading. This all brass instrument is complete with both mirror boxes, height adjustable telescope holder, all 4 index filters and complete set of 3 horizon filters.  The back has its original 3 “feet” for mounting in its box and its lovely sculpted solid ebony handle with attached ivory name plate (unsigned) on the bottom.  The index arm measures 8 7/8 inches long and the large arc is 9 3/4 inches wide.  Retains one scope and mirror adjustment tool. 

Inside the lid of the mahoagany box is the Certificate of Examination by the National Physical Laboratory: The sextant no. 7668 of 6 1/2 inches radius names H. Hughes & Son, Ltd. divided by silver with vernier showing 10 inch, has been examined at the institiute. The shades and mirrors are good. The telescope is also satisfactoryand the 13 linear for the reect 3 1/2 linear. The following are the corrections) (see certificate). dated August 1915 and signed by the Director. A second label is also attached inside the lid that states: repaired and adjusted by Heath & Co., Eltham, London, S.E. 9 and dated 1934.The sextant vernier is engraved "H. HUHES & SON, LTD., LONDON, and the corresponding number 7668 just above the makers name. The pencil written address located next to the Heath label inside the box lid we believe is the address of the British owner.

The solid mahogany box is of dovetailed and brass screw construction, retaining its original brass hardware.  The sextant comes with one long telescope with an eyepiece. The box has two hook closures. The original brass escutcheon plate and lock (missing key) and folding brass drop handle on the right side.  It survives in good condition with one shrinkage crack in the lid.  It measures 10 1/4 by 10 1/4 inches by 5 inches tall.