Handcrafted Replacement Bell Clapper

Product Code: PY02
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs


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Product Description


There's a world of great old bells available today on the market without clappers. Finding the right size or any replacement clapper to fit has been a difficult task...until now.

Handcrafted steel bell clapper made for large bells. Features a steel clapper stem, 1 1/2 inch stainless steel ball, and eye for attaching a bell rope. Available in lengths up to 15 inches with a standard length of 8 inches. Comes with a shackle for attachment. Expect up to two-three weeks for orders to be completed.

Measure the clapper from where it will hook on to the bell to the point of strike (center of ball) then subtract 1" to allow for the attachment shackle. See illustration below.

Instructions for measuring your ship bell replacement clapper

Measuring a Ship Bell Replacement Clapper

Handcrafted Replacement Bell Clapper for Large Bells, clapper

Handcrafted Replacement Bell Clapper for Large Bells, closeup