Life Ring from the Container Ship "S.S.CONTAINER DESPATCHER, NEW YORK"

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An American made ship's life ring, preserver for the container ship "S.S.CONTAINER DESPATCHER, NEW YORK" as stencied on the ring in black letters. This 30 inch preserver was produced by "STYLE-CRAFTERS INC., GREENVILLE, SC., APPROVAL NO. 160.050/23/0. SIZE 30 U.S.C.G., DATE: 8/20/70 INSP.-R.R., AQUA-FLOAT" as printed on the metal tag attached to one of the rope handle tapes. Also, an inscription is written in pen on the back "TOMMY, SMOOTH SAILING, LARRY COFIER  C/O" who was a merchant marine and crew member aboard the ship and who we purchased the life ring from. Bright orange cover and woven hand hold lines.

The 'S.S. CONTAINER DESPATCHER' was one of the merchant ships that was owned by the American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines and sailed out of New York.